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STM32F103VET6 board+7"TFT LCD+JLINK V8 Internet,support Wireless(+485+ARM Crotex-M3 (Sailing)

ShenZhen WangBao Electronics Co.,Ltd

STM32F103VET6 board+7"TFT LCD+JLINK V8 Internet,support Wireless(+485+ARM Crotex-M3 (Sailing)

Place of Origin : Guangdong China(Mainland)

Brand Name : Wana Bao Electronics

Price : $95

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Supply Ability : 100

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Sailing STM32F103VET6 board+7"TFT LCD+JLINK V8 Internet,support Wireless +485+ARM Crotex-M3

Support 7 inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD Interface(AT070TN92),SSD1963 LCD Controller
Support 4.3 inch 480 x 272 TFT LCD Interface,SSD1963 LCD Controller(Need to pay extra 35$)
Support 3.2 inch 320 X 240 TFT LCD Interface,SSD1963 LCD Controller(Need to pay extra 25$)
Resistive 4-wire Touch Panel integrated
Support MP3 Play,VS1003B onboard
One USB2.0 SLAVE Interface
One USB to RS232 Interface with ISP feature,can used the USB to make the Program Download(press down BOOT0,and press down RESET;release RESET,and then release BOOT0 to download)
2x10 JTAG interface (for JLink/ULink/ULink2)
One IIC Interface (24LC02)
One AD input interface (adjustable potentiometer input)
One CAN communication interface, the drive chip SN65VHD230
One RTC Battery Socket
A SD card connector SDIO control
One switch onborad,optional external 5V power supply or USB input to provide 5V power supply
One Five keys to enter the joystick,2 USER keys, 1 BOOT key,1 RESET key
one camera interface,support OV7670 camera model(need to pay extra 15$)
One wireless interface,support NRF24L01 model(need to pay extra 2$)
Onboard ethernet(ENC28J60)

leads all the IO(2.54MM), user-friendly external circuit to the secondary development of other applications.

Board Size:13.8cmX10.5cm

Provide Datasheet, Schematic, Test Routines, UCOS2+uCGUI3.90A Demo Source Projects. test-source:LED lights,RTC,USB,MP3,Camera,wireless,SD card,AD,12C,RS232,CAN,touch-screen test, TFT LCD screen test ..... Inspire your design iinspiration!

Wang Bao Sailing Board DVD List
1 Schematic
2 User Manual
3 Example
4 Library
5 Software
6 Document
7 Operating System

Wang Bao Sailing Board Basic Routines
(01) Sailing Board_LED_tese(2012.3.2)
(02) Sailing Board_Systick(2012.2.24)
(03) Sailing Board_KEY_rocking(2012.2.24)
(04) Sailing Board_key_interrupt(2012.2.24
(05) Sailing Board_USART_Poll(2012.2.24)
(06) Sailing Board_USART_interrupt(2012.2.24)
(07) Sailing Board_delay_timer(2012.2.24)
(08) Sailing Board_LED control by pwm(2012.2.24)
(09) Sailing Board_Temperature sensor(2012.2.24)
(10) Sailing Board_I2C Flash_Read_Write(24LC02)(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(11) Sailing Board_ENC28J60_test(2012.2.28)
(12) Sailing Board_USB_HID(2012.25)
(13) Sailing Board_NRF24L01(2012.3.1)
(14) Sailing Board_USB developmental data bag(2012.2.1)

Wang Bao Sailing Board LCD Application
3.2TFT LCD Module
(01) Sailing Board_show char by lcd(3.2 TFT)(2012.2.24)
(02) Sailing Board_LCD_show hz16(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(03) Sailing Board_LCD_show_picture(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(04) Sailing Board_DMA(3.2 TFT)(2012.2.24)
(05) Sailing Board_ADC_Test_by_adjustable_resistor(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(06) Sailing Board_RTC_perpetual_calendar(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(07) Sailing Board_SD Test(SDIO)(3.2)(2012.2.24)
(08) Sailing Board_SD_Printf_filename(3.2 TFT)(2012.2.28)
(09) Sailing Board_SD_Digital_Photo_Frame(3.2 TFT)(2012.2.24)
(10) Sailing Board_camera(3.2)(2012.5.11)
(11) Sailing Board_w25q16_test(spi-flash)(3.2)(2012.3.2)
(12) Sailing Board_TEST_TOUCH (3.2)(2012.2.24)
(13) Sailing Board_MP3test_VS1003b(3.2)(2012.2.25)
(14) Sailing Board_CANTest(3.2 TFT)(2012.3.7)

4.3TFT LCD Module
(01) Sailing Board_LCD_TEST(4.3)(2012.2.25)
(02) Sailing Board_touch(4.3)(2012.2.26)
(03) Sailing Board_show_picture(4.3 TFT)(2012.2.26)
(04) Sailing Board_uCOS+uCGUI(4.3 TFT)(2012.5.28)
(05) Sailing Board_camera(4.3)
(06) Sailing Board_show Chinese(4.3 TFT)(2012.3.20)

7TFT LCD Module
(01) Sailing Board_show Hz16(7 TFT)
(02) Sailing Board_TOUCH_TEST(7 TFT)(2012.2.28)
(03) Sailing Board_show_picture(7 TFT)(2012.2.28)
(04) Sailing Board_lcd_test(7 TFT)(2012.2.28)
(05) Sailing Board_show char(7 TFT)(2012.3.20)
(06) Sailing Board_camera(7 TFT)(2012.5.14)

Wang Bao Sailing Board OS(3.2 TFT standard configuration)
(01) Sailing Board_UCOS_Port.tar
(02) Sailing Board_GUI_Port.tar
(03) Sailing Board_UCOS+UGCUI(3.2 TFT)
(04) Sailing Board_UCos+UCGUi+USBMouse(3.2 TFT)(9.22).tar
(05) Sailing Board_UCos+UCGUi+LED(3.2 TFT)(9.22).tar
(06) Sailing Board_UCos+UCGUi+RTC(3.2 TFT)(9.22).tar
(07) Sailing Board_UCos+UCGUi+FATFS(3.2 TFT)(9.22)
(08) Sailing Board_UCOS+UCGUI(FSMC)(7 TFT)(2012.5.25)
(09) Sailing Board_UCOS+UCGUI(FSMC brush screen speed up)(7 TFT)(2012.5.21)
(10) Sailing Board_UCOS+UCGUi+UIP1.0(3.2)(2012.7.20).tar

Class 1 Video Tutorial

Lesson 1
Development environment
Development Board brief introduction
KEIL MDK configuration JLINK configuration
Debugging download configuration
Index of CDs
Lesson 2
System structure
System structure draw
Storage Memory
Flash Reclaim
Lesson 3
Library function explain
RCC explain
RCC differences between types of interconnected products
Register explain
Compare Register in the library
GPIO explain
Lesson 4
LCD brief introduction
3.2 4.3 7 TFT lcd compare
FSMC brief introduction
LCD simple application
Lesson 5
LCD show CH
LCD show Chinese characters
LCD show picture
Lesson 6
SDIO brief introduction
SD card brief introduction
Simple test program
FATFS brief introduction
Find files program

Lesson 7
Simple electronic photo frame program explain

Lesson 8
Camera work process
Program explain

Lesson 9
AD chip brief introduction
Program explain
Lesson 10
Vs1003brief introduction
Program explain

Package including:
One STM32F103VET6 Develop Board

One 7 inch Touchpad

One Mini USB2.0 Cable
One Network Cable
One 5V1A Power Adapter
One DVD ROM(content software,schematic,routines,drives,documents some in chinese)

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STM32F103VET6 board+7"TFT LCD+JLINK V8 Internet,support Wireless(+485+ARM Crotex-M3 (Sailing) Images

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