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ARM-STM32F103ZET6 KIT+4.3"TFT+JLINK V8,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless

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ARM-STM32F103ZET6 KIT+4.3"TFT+JLINK V8,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless

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Place of Origin : Guangdong China(Mainland)

Brand Name : Wana Bao Electronics

Price : $95

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RedDragon103 ARM-STM32F103ZET6 KIT+4.3"TFT+JLINK V8,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless

WB-RedDragon STM32F103ZET6 KIT+3.2"TFT,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless

STM32 development board based on STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced the highest series of ARM CortexM3 chip configuration as the core component STM32F103ZET6

On-board resources:
CPU: STM32F103ZET6; (LQFP144-pin, on-chip integrated 512K flash, 64KRAM, 12Bit A / D, D / A; PWM, CAN, USB, SDIO, FSMC and other resources)

Outside the expanded board 512K SRAM, 2M NOR FLASH (on-board support for the largest 1024k SRAM, 16M of NOR FLASH) to meet the large capacity data acquisition, processing and analysis requirements

Board outside 128M NAND FLASH expand to meet the rich color of the picture storage, data storage form, document management applications and so on

With a true color 3.2 inch TFT touch screen module, FSMC control, color touch module configuration TSC2046 controller, support for a SD card (SPI mode) can be used to store pictures, in support of AT45DBxxx of a DATA FLASH (can be used for storage)

Ethernet module, features a ethernet controller: DM9000A
Integrated 10/100M transceiver with HP Auto-MDIX
IEEE802.3x flow control for full-duplex mode
Integrated 16 KBytes SRAM
Supports IP/TCP/UDP checksum generation and checking
Supports automatically load vendor ID and product ID from EEPROM

Audio frequency chip:WM8978
play MP3 files
Ethernet radiogram,play broadcasting station

USB module
USB host port
Embedded USB Host/Slave controller: CH376T

One camera interface,support OV7670 camera model(need to pay extra 15$)

One wireless interface,support NRF24L01 model(need to pay extra 2$)

All the way CAN communication interface, the drive chip SN65VHD230

Two-way RS232 interface,one of them is USB to 232 interface

All the way RS485 communication interface

A Micro SD card connector SDIO control

A I2C memory interface, the standard 24LC02 (EEPROM)

A SPI memory interface, W25Q16(DATA FLASH)

All the way adjustment potentiometer ADC input

One-way leads to ADC input terminals

One-way terminal block PWM output leads

One-way leads to DAC output terminals

One infrared interface:HS0038

One PS/2 interface

One WK-UP,one RESET,one Tamper,one Five keys to enter the joystick, two user keys, four users LED lights, a power indicator light

Power Select jumper to support the external 5V power supply, USB power supply or power supply by JLINK

leads all the IO(2.54MM), user-friendly external circuit to the secondary development of other applications.

Board Size: 11.5CM X 15.5CM

Rich in routines, not only functional modules MDK-board test-source: LED lights into the water six examples, RTC, according to health, PWM, buzzer, USB, SD card, ADC, DAC, 12C, RS232, RS485 pass, CAN, touch-screen test, TFT LCD screen test .....
but also there are successful transplantation UCOS2, UCGUI a number of routines can be directly applied to industrial control equipment or hand-held instrument of human-computer interface design, so that your product from the monotony of black and white, into the colorful world! Inspire your design inspiration!

3.2" 262k TFT[240*320] Color LCD module with Touch Panel on PCB (Rev:2.0)
3.2" QVGA 262k TFT-LCD module
240*RGB*320 pixels
8-bit or 16-bit parallel bus interface,8-bit mode use 74HC573 latch low 8-bit (short R7 enable 8-bit mode)
open R7 is 16-bit mode(default), use high 8-bit operation bus in 8-bit mode low 8-bit float
LCD driver is SSD1298
2.7-3.3V operating voltage
Resistive 4-wire Touch Panel integrated
RS1843 touch panel controller onboard directly compatible with ADS7843
Standard 2.54mm PCB headers for prototyping
Support a SD card interface
Support a ATMEL DataFlash AT45DBxxx series device

can directly use AVR,PIC,C51,ARM.STM32 MCU driver

3.2" QVGA 262k TFT-LCD module PIN description
PIN funtion PIN funtion
01 3V3 17 DB14
02 GND 18 DB15
03 DB00 19 CS
04 DB01 20 RS
05 DB02 21 WR
06 DB03 22 RD
07 DB04 23 RESET
08 DB05 24 EN back_light enable
09 DB06 25 MISO
10 DB07 26 TP_INT
11 DB8 27 MOSI
12 DB9 28 LE
13 DB10 29 SCLK
14 DB11 30 F_CS
15 DB12 31 TP_CS
16 DB13 32 SD_CS

RedDragon103 development board DVD List
1 Schematic
2 User Manual
3 Example
4 Library
5 Software
6 Document
7 Operating System

Wang Bao RedDragon development board Basic Routines
(01) RedDragon board_KEILJLINK(with video)
(02) RedDragon board_SysClock(with video)
(03) RedDragon board_gpio(with video)
(04) RedDragon board_UART(with video)
(05) RedDragon board_watch dog(with video)
(06) RedDragon board_EXTI(with video)
(07) RedDragon board_base timer(with video)
(08) RedDragon board_External pulse counting
(09) RedDragon board_PWM input capture
(10) RedDragon board_PWM output(with video)
(11) RedDragon board_RTC(with video)
(12) RedDragon board_ADC(with video)
(13) RedDragon board_DAC(with video).zip
(14) RedDragon board_I2C(with video)
(15) RedDragon board_SDIO(with video)
(16) RedDragon board_CAN(with video)
(17) RedDragon board_USART_485
(18) RedDragon board_infrared(with video)
(19) RedDragon board_NandFlash(with video)
(20) RedDragon board_SRAM(with video)
(21) RedDragon board_Nor Flash(with video)
(22) RedDragon board_Custom_HID
(23) RedDragon board_USB simulative mouse
(24) RedDragon board_SD Dim Fname As String
(25) RedDragon board_SD Read File(SPI_FAT32)
(26) RedDragon board_MP3 SoftDecode
(27) RedDragon board_USB
(28) RedDragon board_NRF24L01
(29) RedDragon board_PS2
(30) RedDragon board_Device-Firmware-Upgrade
(31) RedDragon board-Web server_uIP

Wang Bao RedDragon board LCD Application
3.2TFT Module
(1) RedDragon board_LCD ShowCharacter(3.2)
(2) RedDragon board_LCD ShowChinese(3.2)
(3) RedDragon board_LCD ShowImage(3.2)
(4) RedDragon board_LCD Touch(3.2)
(5) RedDragon board_DSP_Demo(3.2)
(6) RedDragon board_ Camera(3.2)
(7) RedDragon board_TFT plot API(3.2 TFT)(with video)
(8) RedDragon board_HZK16(SPI)(3.2 TFT)(with video)
(9) RedDragon board_USB read U disc(3.2 TFT)
(10) RedDragon board_DS18B20(3.2 TFT)
(11) RedDragon board_SD show_photo(SPI_SD)
(12) RedDragon board_network-radio(3.2 TFT)

3.5TFT Module
(1) RedDragon board_LCD ShowCharacter( 3.5 )
(2) RedDragon board_LCD ShowChinese( 3.5 )
(3) RedDragon board_LCD ShowImage(3.5 )
(4) RedDragon board_LCD Touch(3.5)
(5) RedDragon board_SD show_photo(3.5 SPI_SD)
(6) RedDragon board_HZK16(SPI)(3.5 TFT)

4.3TFT Module
(1) RedDragon board_PWM Backright(4.3)
(2) RedDragon board_Touch Test(4.3)
(3) RedDragon board_TFT Test(4.3)
(4) RedDragon board_TFT API(4.3)
(5) RedDragon board_Show character(4.3)
(6) RedDragon board_Show Chinese(4.3)
(7) RedDragon board_DigitalPhotoFrame(4.3)
(8) RedDragon board_on word stock screen module——undone

7TFT Module
(1) RedDragon board_TFT Test(7 TFT)
(2) RedDragon board_Touch Test(7 TFT)
(3) RedDragon board_TFT API(7 TFT)
(4) RedDragon board_HZK16(7 TFT)
(5) RedDragon board_PhotoFrame(7 TFT)
(6) RedDragon board_BacklightAdjust(7 TFT)

Wang Bao RedDragon board OS(3.2 TFTstandard configuration)
(1) RedDragon board_uCOS+uCGUI_FSMC(3.2 TFT)
(1) RedDragon board_uCos+uCGUi(4.3)
(1) RedDragon board_uCGUI+uCOS(7 TFT)
RT-Thread 1.0.2
(1) RedDragon board_RT-Thread 1.0.2(HELLO WORLD)
(2) RedDragon board_RT-Thread 1.0.2(form TIMER)
(3) RedDragon board_RT-Thread 1.0.2(Axum)

Package included:
1x WB-WB-RedDragon STM32F103ZET6 Board
1x 4.3LCD with Touch Panel

1x MINI USB Cable
1x Serial Cable
1x Cross Network Cable
1x 5V1A power adapter
1x DVD ROM(content software,schematic,routines,drives,documents some in chinese)


You can buy ULINK 2 Emulator($20) or JLINK V8 Emulator($15) for programming!You can click the "Buy It Now", or leave a message to us(what you need to add).And then we change the price for you,so that you can make the payment.
Also you could give us your Paypal account,and we send the invoice to you.

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Quality ARM-STM32F103ZET6 KIT+4.3"TFT+JLINK V8,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless for sale

ARM-STM32F103ZET6 KIT+4.3"TFT+JLINK V8,NAND/NOR FLASH,MP3,Ethernet,USB Host,Camera,Wireless Images

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